"If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" Hand-Bound Chapbook

This was a project that required us to create a hand-bound chapbook that told a verbal and visual story of our choosing. The book had to be created with InDesign, and used found text and self-generated imagery to help accomplish our goals. We were required to use a minimum of 400 words. The book required at least 20 designed pages and at least one design principle used consistently throughout the book. I chose to do a children’s book, and took the original story from Laura Numeroff’s If You Give A Cat A Cupcake. I illustrated and coloured all images myself by hand, and bound it with a simple saddle stitch bind. I learned how to produce and utilize juxtaposition of typography and imagery to create hierarchy and communicate a particular message, demonstrate and successfully employ the principles of balance, harmony, rhythm, repetition, hierarchy, movement, proportion, contrast, unity, etc. while communicating a particular message, demonstrate and employ appropriate production tools, employ basic grid structures in a multi-page document, and create a final project using design specific tools, technology and resources.

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